Publications Columbus Travel

In 2013 and 2014 I have written various articles for travel magazine Columbus Travel. Please find below a small selection of my contributions to the magazine (copyright Columbus Travel).

Een Nederlandse donjuan in de West. Interview with author Jacco Hogeweg about his book Een donjuan in de West: het reisverslag (1792-1794) van koopmanszoon Pieter Groen.

Je eigen ecodorp in het paradijs. Interview with Ben Keene about his project Tribewanted.

Suriname wil weg dwars door Amazone. Article about the pros and cons of a tarmac road between Paramaribo and the Brazilian city of Manaus in the Amazon rainforest.

De prima donna’s van Papoea. Interview with photographer and artist Stephen Dupont about his book Piksa Niugini: Portraits and Diaries.

Koop het eiland van Usher. Interview with Ian Usher, the man who in 2008 listed his ‘ entire life’ for sale on eBay and travelled around the world. In 2011 he bought a Caribbean island, where he lived for a while.

20 budgettips voor eilanden. Article with tips for saving money on island trips.